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We look forward to providing your child with many rewarding and positive experiences. We encourage you to feel as much a part of this wonderful experience as your child.

This is a new and exciting adventure for a child. It offers a fundamental opportunity for children to explore the new world outside the home, and enable children to explore an unfamiliar setting, encouraging them to enter into relationships with peers and adult figures. The quality of children's experiences set the foundation for how they perceive themselves as learners, instills confidence, and helps them enter into the community as caring, and competent individuals. Our purpose is to provide a safe and fun learning environment that enables the children to develop the social, emotional, physical and intellectual skills that are age appropriate.

Riverdale Tiny Tots was established in 1987. We are a licensed early childhood program providing a full range of services for children ranging from ages 15 months to 5 years of age.
Welcome to Riverdale Tiny Tots
Our center provides developmentally appropriate programs within a warm and nurturing environment that will encourage positive self-esteem and individuality. We offer many varied opportunities for learning through active play and social interaction. Our goal is to foster a strong sense of self-worth in the children that will endure throughout their future years of learning.
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